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USA/World History Library

This knowledge center provides a library of many documents, interviews, and podcasts that might interest you in your education about history and the scriptures. We have arranged the library by subject matter for easy use. Please feel free to download any of the documents for your personal educational needs. Scroll down the page to review all library contents.

Articles, Books  & Publications

​Act of 1871

Layman's Summary and Effect of the Act

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Two Constitutions

Act Activities & Effect Through History


The Marco Polo Report


Subject Specific Articles & Publications

The Connection Between Planned Parenthood & Roe v Wade

The Truth About Watergate

The Truth About Russia Gate

Kash Patel - Durham Papers

The World Financial System

Part 1 Presentation Alpha Vets

Part 1 Podcast Alpha Vets{

Part 2 Presentation Alpha Vets

Part 2 Podcast Aplha Vets

Interviews, Podcasts & Videos


2020 Elections

Rigged 2020

2000 Mules


American Experience Radio

Current Events in America Series


By and For the People American History Seires

Real America Media

Act of 1871 and Current Events

Subject Specific Videos

911 Truth Videos

The Fall of the Cabal

The Pandemic Series

The Greatest Show on Earth

Laura Logan - Rest of the Story

Part 1 - Injustice: The Matthew Perna Story


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