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GIG Public Classes for Biblical and World History Knowledge

We are offering two types of knowledge classes that are free and open to the public.

The first is titled Biblical World Masterclass. It features its studies and discussions on understanding the world history from the view of biblical scriptures. We started this off by calling it Thursday Night Lives which was held every Thursday night. We have changed the name to more reflect the discussions and study and the fact that we have expanded the sessions beginning in December 2020 to twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 6PM CST. 

The second type of knowledge class will be called The Teachings of Yeshua. This will be a bible study each and every Sunday morning beginning at 10AM CST. It will focus on the study of the bible scripture by scripture.

Registration will be required for each Masterclass so we can determine which software to use based upon those attending. The Masterclasses are completely free to all website guests. Please invite friends and family to participate in subjects of history tied to biblical truths. Please check out the Live topic by clicking on EVENTS below.

All Masterclasses will be recorded and put into a Thursday Night Live/Masterclass Library and published for the public to view. Click here to go to the THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE/MASTERCLASS LIBRARY.

All Teachings of Yeshua will be recorded and posted into a Teaching of Yeshua Library and published for the public to view. Click here to go to THE TEACHING OF YESHUA LIBRARY.

We think this will add a unique feature to the overall educational process and can bring an interactive nature to those who wish to attend.

If you wish to have a topic covered in one of our Masterclass please send the topic to us via contact.

If you wish to look at the topic of subject and date please go to EVENTS and RSVP.

Look forward to making your educational experience fun and enjoyable!

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