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God Is Government Online Educational Series

God's Governmental Authority Structure - The Fundamentals of Government

This can be a stand alone education on the subject or included with two other education products that will give you the entire understanding of God's Government. The God's Governmental Authority Structure provides the Fundamentals of Government from a spiritual point of view. It is these principles that man used to create the legal structure within any country. While each country's laws are different from one to another there is a core foundation which all are based on. This online education provides the details from scripture about this foundation. Included in this online education is a copy of the hardback book titled God's Governmental Authority Structure, softcover student workbook and access to the online course where you will be provided eight (8) online lectures and a discussion area to interact with the GIG Team. And finally you will be given an unlimited lifetime access to all the education subject forums to interact with others about any of the educational subjects. This is an individual learning product that only allows the individual who purchased the education access to the online course.

This video has been deleted.
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