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GIG Project Review

GIG Project Support works with Project Teams to review projects in order to ensure when they are included in our private investment portfolio of projects for them to consider investment into your project. In order to ensure the project success it is necessary that the GIG team review the project working directly with the project team's management. This process occurs over a period of time to make sure the project meets the quality level for investment and makes the funding criteria of our investor pool. Project funding is available from start-ups to growth oriented plans. In addition, non-profit philanthropy funding is also available. The steps used in our review process is as follows.


1. Project Team submits an execute summary of project using the GIG Project Executive Summary Submission Form. Open completion of this review GIG team will provide feedback on its review and acceptance. For those projects accepted move into step 2. This initial review is free for all project teams. If you are interested in becoming part of the GIG project pool please click on download to access the GIG Project Executive Summary Submission Form. Only those forms which are completed in its entirety will be review and submitted in accordance to the submission instructions included in the form - DOWNLOAD. When the downloaded document is complete please click email to submit - EMAIL.

2. For those projects accepted in the review process of step 1 will require the project team to submit a complete business plan which also includes a capital investment structure and plan. This step will require a one time business plan review fee of $500.00. This fee covers the GIG review, business plan comments and phone/zoom call with project team in providing feedback to the project team at requested updates to meet the presentation requirements to our investment pool.

3. Upon finalization of business plan updates and the completion of all GIG acceptance documentations the project will be placed into our project inventory within the business segments available for investor review. The project will remain in the project inventory until fully funded or withdrawal by the project team.

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