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GIG Project Mentorship

GIG wants to provide every opportunity for your project to be successful. This is the reason we have developed a Project Mentorship program. This program begins with GIG selecting from a wide vast of individuals those individuals who have specific experience in fields that will be necessary for projects submitted that are in the mentors expertise. Individuals who wish to be considered as mentors should forward their resume to us attached to an EMAIL.


Project teams can use these mentors at their will. The project will be responsible for any contracting with the mentor and payment of any fees the mentor charges. GIG is not responsible for any part of this contract arrangement.

GIG will review and add to the list of mentors based upon an extensive review of each mentor submission.

To the project teams, you need to use every means necessary to ensure you project is thoroughly documented, with all the necessary legal and industry standards applied. It is here that mentors can help. You will find the mentors are not only followers of Christ but will add their expertise to your project as if it were their own.

To review the list of mentors and the area of expertise please click MENTORS.

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