World Farmers

On September 21, 2021 I posted a blog post about the FDA instructions to USA farmers. Look what is going on in the EU with farmers in The Netherlands, etc. Look at this in light of more than 30 food processing plants have been destroyed by fire and hundreds of animals have been slaughtered. Guys wake up. This is a created crisis by the deep state to cut our food to gain control over us by submission to them in order to implement their Liberal New World Order.

We cannot sit back and be a couch potato any longer. You need to either get involved in correct this world or get out of the way. Over this past week I have spoken to many people who continue to ask what they can do. When we talk about red pilling people they are not interested. When we talked about going head to head with their local deep state government officials they do not want the exposure.

It is time to stop the whining and get involved.

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