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Where is Your Church Leadership Leading You

For the past three weeks I have researched mega churches platform on the bio-weapon shot. I was so disgusted that I took it done to my local level and find the same damn thing. The majority of churches have yet to take a stand and understand that this thing called a vaccine is a bio-weapon and it changes the very fabric of what God created. In my fourth book of the God Is Government series we address the very fact that all of God's creation was from His DNA.

It is amazing that pastors of churches both small and large have no clue that the Hebrew language is written backwards with no spaces and when read in the original scripture tell us that the entire creation and the creation of man and formation of man in the physical form is based SOLELY on God's DNA. Why would any pastor say it is OK or better yet stay on the fence and not take a stance against this bio-weapon to protect the congregation He is to teach. Oh by the way that you pay with your tithes.

Do you not think God is not taking note here? Both of you for funding such a travesty and for the pastors that do not know the word of God. When are people going to wake up to the fact that the majority of churches you still fund are tied to the problems of this earth.

Today I had a conversation with a fellow Christian who told me they just got the jab of the bio-weapon. When I asked their church stance was on this I was told that the church was totally neutral on the subject and left the congregation to their own choice. Where in the hell is the pastors backbone on this. It is totally against the principals of God. People are dying and going to die.

When is enough enough with the people you support. You wish for change but don't act accordingly to make the change a reality. This nation will see not only a wakening but a judgment it has never seen before. It will be biblical!

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