Where Is The Backbone of Current Church Leadership

I have often wondered whether any of today's pulpit stand-ins would have made it in colonial days. Yep stand - ins. Have you ever wondered why we have preachers who are in pulpits that only get there by way of a seminary education? Now I am not going after a betterment of knowledge but when you seek that knowledge outside of the source of that knowledge (through the lenses and biases of the men and women who teach it) then you get what someone else wants you to believe instead of the original source. Do you not think that this fascist government didn't think about control of the people of the church through pastors who have no backbone?

It is time we wake up here. We have for several years now tried to wake people up not only about the education system at large but the failure of our churches to do what they are suppose to do.

Pastors are to be mirror image of Christ in their teachings. Do you not think Jesus, if he was walking the face of the earth today, would put up with this/ Well let's just see what he did in his days on earth when the government stepped into the church and had influence therein.

All we have to do is go read the story about Jesus getting mad and turning over the tables at the temple. The background to the story can be found in history as to what was really going on.

We are told of this story in everyone one of the gospels. Matthew 21:12-13, Mark 11:15-18. Luke 19:45-46 and John 2:14-16. In essence, Jesus entered into the temple on the day of worship. He found people selling animals not meeting the standards of biblical laws for sacrifice at an amount that was far to much for the animal. He also finds bankers exchanging foreign coins into local coins to be used in providing tithes for a fee to convert against Jewish law. he found that all of these commercial activities was being done on the outside of the temple where gentiles were to come and pray. We are told he got mad. He created a whip and he used the whip to hit those who were defiling the laws and turned over the tables telling everyone of their activities against the law of God.

What Jesus selected was a group of men of different backgrounds that became some of the most forceful people in transforming our world with the truth of God. All of the Apostles gave up their lives, in the majority of cases except John but he did through exile, to make sure that the world knew of God's law. It was in the law that love and harmony was promoted. However, it was in the law where judgment was used to call out the enemy.