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Where Has Courage Gone?

For years we have been providing grass roots education about the condition of this world and the fact we are in one of the biggest spiritual wars ever in history. When we have encouraged people to get involved and engaged, we, more than not, have come back to us the will to move forward but the unwilling to do it in the current state of affairs. Many look to the future in what is to be a financial remnant of God, as to the timing of getting engaged. For a long time now we have been silent on this. But tonight I am being lead to discuss the biblical characters of the bible.

Many people listen intently to what we have to say about the characters of the bible and in the most cases people wish to be just like them. In fact, today I was told that the messages we have put out will not be effected until they receive the remnant of God. This made it the time to address this head-on.

I want to ask each of you a question. Who in the main characters of the bible waited on any remnant of God? In fact, I think that for those of you who study the bible you will find that all but one Apostle was murdered. Even in the case of Christ, he was crucified. None of them asked or waited on any remnant of God. These individuals showed courage in the face of adversity. They did not wait on figuring out the how, when or if they should get engaged in the business of God. In fact, like Peter, was over zealous at times, in the furtherance of the gospel.

We recently posted about the condition of the war against our children. In fact, from the outset of all this education we have stated continuously that this war is about the protection of our children. Many of us have specific talents that should be engaged right now. Many of us wish to be involved but are waiting on many things. Many of us are just great in sitting in the home and saying it is not my problem.

I wonder just what it would take to get those of us that are fence sitters to move. Should I ask God to come visit you? Should I send people to your home to wake you up? What is it going to take? We have been so programed that we fail to realize that society controls us instead of us controlling society. We have lost the courage that God gave us as being part of Him.

I just wonder what you may say to God when He asks why are you waiting? It is time to put your big boy pants on and figure out where your courage is. This is going to get worse before it gets better. What will you think of yourself when something happens in your community when you had a chance to make a difference. With all the information you have been blessed to be provided, not by us, but by the many of those patriots, just when will you change.

What if God waited on you?

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