Where Does Education Begin

For years people have asked how did we get here. We were asked to shed light on our world, specifically how did we allow our great country to get so corrupt.

For the past number of years we have written educational pieces, went on podcasts and radio interviews, held conversation venues, started this website to give people access to others that have a voice to be heard, and started blog conversations on subject matters of today. But what we need to determine is really where should our education actual begin.

in some ways, we have done a damn good job on educating history of USA and the world mainly focused on the politics that allowed the corruption to happen. However, I have come to realize that while this path was good it failed to really educate the root cause and the required knowledge to fully understand how we got here and, most importantly, how do we change the state of our current day situation.

While we focus on others that are required to make the change, we have failed to understand this focus is a band aide. In order to make a change that is lasting we must correct the root cause. This is no different than your health. BIG PHARMA has for years treated the symptom and not the cause, giving just enough time for the best healing machine to heal us - our heart-brain.

So what is our root cause we need to address? Many of you will say our government. Many more will say the left or democrats and RINOS. Until we look at ourselves and what we are we will not even start to correct the root cause.

God made us for three reasons.

  1. Reflection - we as humans have been created in the image of God.

  2. Replication - we were told to go forth be fruitful and multiply. This was the command to build His Kingdom on earth.

  3. Ruling - This is where rubber meets the road. We were given dominion over all things but we, since Adam and Eve, gave this away to satan and, in doing so, we have lost our ability to have dominion WITHOUT the direct connection with God.

We ask what our root cause is and that is it. We have lost the ability to have dominion. We have lost this because we fail to reconnect with God. We fail this because we have lost the ability to study God's word and make sure to adhere to what scripture tells us.

Jesus tells us at His time of temptation in Matthew 4:4 &