What is the Image People See

When you wake up everyday we would bet that one of the first things you do is go look in the mirror. As you gaze upon yourself do you like what you see? More importantly, what do you see? Do you understand that what you see is exactly what you are? No we are not talking about the outward beauty that could have a massive makeover but the inward self. We ask that each morning that each morning when you go to that mirror look past the mask you wear to the inward self. The place where your whole makeup really reside. The place where your soul meets reality of the outward view.

One of the biggest problems we have in today's society is we are more focused on the perception of our mirror image versus the true image of one self. In this focus, we miss the opportunity to tune our inner being more towards God's plae for us than man's. In doing so, we miss the reality of what our image is to the people we meet. We fail God's purpose. Whay do we say this? Woudl you buy a diet pill from an obese person? No! You preceive reality from the person selling you something as needing to be that which they are selling.

When you talk to people, when you meet people, when you minister to people and when you service others what image are you? We see this totally in our churches today. Pastors have lost they backbone as to God's truth. They have conformed to society and as such the churches have lost not only their way but the people which go there are not the ones that really should be there. They have become a center of entertainment that fishers of men.

Our lives require us to be a mirror image of God - not how pretty we might want to look on the outside for people see to someone they can like because of a fake sense of persception. As you pursue your community soveriegnty, you must first obtain and act as though you are soveriegn. This begins with the home. This begins with men being Godly men. This means that we first have our house in order to reflect the image of God when we then go out and take back our community.

We all have selected those pillars we will live our lives. We would say today that the major of those pillars are based upon the concepts of man and not God. We need to make the change in our lives in order to effect others in moving back towards God and our soveriegnty.

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