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What is Easter

I was listening to some music in the airport on my iphone coming back from Florida yesterday. A thought came to me as to what is Easter. It made me think! - LOL not that I don't already do a lot of that. However, it wasn't the question as much as how the question came to me. Not often do I get such a question that sets me back a bit but this one did. You see the question that my mind asked of me was not of a perspective of an older person but this asked from a child's point of view. It not only took me back a step or two but made me really think from a child perspective what is Easter.

When we look at scripture Jesus tells the people to allow the children to come to him. God tells us that we have to have the faith of children to enter heaven. Quickly putting things into perspective I thought of an answer from a young lad perspective. Think about this a moment in light of what we know today.

When God wants to get our attention he puts us in a child mind set. Why? Most likely becasue that is the only place He can get our attention. We know that, as adults, we have to go back to the mind of a child and the faith of a child in order to have the relationship with God. It is important not only for us to approach everything in this mindset with God becasue He tells us that. However, we do this for ourselves but not for the children.

I covered a topic about children in the Florida meet and greet becasue it was asked. Let me say that What is Easter to me based upon this child like question. It is a time that I need to understand, just like God told us to be like children He also told us that we are His extended authority here on earth. We were given dominion. And we the people who failed Jesus at time of crucifixion but being afraid so have we failed the world children.

This whole earthly scene since the beginning of creation has been about replicating God's family here on earth where we have dominion. We bring children into this world for many reasons but, for many, this is much more than about replication.

Easter is solely about children. Think about it. God gave up His son for a period of time to provide redemption to the contract signed with Adam about relationship and obedience. God amended the contract with this promise at the time Adam and Eve disobeyed. Jesus fulfilled the law. The law was the contract. Just like Christ was a child of God we are a child by the redemption given up by Jesus and we then were placed in that position to fulfill the law of dominion over all living things of earth. However, we turned our backs on the very thing given to us - the protection of God's children.

May God forgive us as a society. May He provide us with grace and mercy and backbone to do what is our responsibility. Take a stance, be vocal, take action and for God's sake protect the children.

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