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Website Updates

We have updated the website with changes regarding classes. You will find that we have combined the business and investor areas into the project corner and we have added a top navigation tab named classes.

We have taken our class structure to the next level.

  1. We have changed our Thursday Night Lives to Biblical World Masterclass. We have extended these classes to Tuesday and Thursday night classes beginning from 6PM CST. We are going to focus on the study of history through a biblical foundation. We have for the last several sessions been focused on understanding the biblical history of the start of this world through a Genesis 6 perspective. We are now shifting our focus to understanding the matrix and the center of this matrix being our human body. Yes, we are the body matrix. Without the human being the matrix would not exist. So please go to events and see the schedule of topics being covered in December. This is open to the public and free. Please come join us and invite friends and family to learn the truth.

  2. We have added a Sunday morning bible study titled The Teachings of Yeshua. This will focus on the study of scripture and its meanings for us. We will bridge the gap from what we have been taught to the truth. These studies begin at 10AM CST each Sunday. Again this are open to the public and free. Please come join us and invite friends and family to learn the truth.

Here is the link to events for you to RSVP -

We are recording all sessions and will be posting them to their own library and available to the public for viewing at their leisure. Please click the above link named classes and see the details of each class and their library URL.

We hope to see you there after your Thanksgiving holiday.

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