USA Stock Market Watch Should Go International

Over the last several months I have had numerous questions about investments in the stock market. Over this same period of time we have tried not to give investment advice but to deliver sound information for each individual to do their own research. In doing so, we pointed to things that will happen in the market. What goes on in the US Market so goes on in the world. Therefore, what we will address herein, while focused on the USA, will be coming to a theater near everyone world wide.

In our education series a number of years ago we spoke about the relationship of the stock market values and the value control established by the cabal bankers. At the time of that education we provided books which one could read and understand just how all this cabal financial system worked.

One of the books I references was Cooper's book titled "Behold the Pale Horse." This is a book which outlines just how the cabal price controls everything and can manipulate the market at will. If you have not read it you should.

Back to the market. Now since you have an understanding the the market prices are set by the cabal and manipulated by them for their gain you should know that the market is not a capital market - driven by what the market thinks the pricing ought to be, but a market control and manipulated to provide a maximum return back to the cabal.

A product from economics says that as bond prices rise stock prices reduce. As stock prices increase bond prices go down.

So what do we see in the market. Why are stock prices high? If you are a country with tremendous debt what do you want the market to do. Stock price rise and bond go down lowering the debt.

So knowing that we are a bankrupt country and knowing that all the debt will come back to be repaid, forget about the fact it was treasonous to begin with, what should a country do to move to the state of readiness for its bankruptcy?

You want to tank your bonds and purchase them back (repo them) at prices less than they were issued to preserve cash while lowering the outstanding debt. What is going on today in the market. Feds repo'd 1.4T of bonds. Stock prices rise but when all said and done the stock prices will adjust downward because there is no cabal to support the price of the market and there is no underlying bonds to prop up the rise in prices.

Guys there will be a point very soon that the repo process will be complete and when that happens a major correction will occur in the market. Now not giving any advice other than you need to be liquid and invested in things of value that will not adjust.

The shift happening in the USA will be moved throughout the world markets and the same process done. Be careful of your investments!

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