Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I received the following email from an individual who I will not name but it is important to hit this subject head-on. The following email while has some typos I have not changed because I want it to stand on its own for purpose of this post.

This conspiracy theory that the Church is evil or even that the Jesuits are evil is just as bad as anti-Semitism. As a Catholic, I know what good my Church does in the world, far above any other. The Catholic Church has been the largest organization in the world for millennia and of course there has been evil at times. The latest was communists in the 1930's infiltrating the Church to destroy it. This continues. pope Francis has misguided ideologies, yes, but he is not evil or Satan. Do you forget that it was the Church who saved learning and history after the fall of the Roman Empire? Do you forget that it was the church that established orphanages, hospitals, universities, and gradually through love brought about the end of violent paganism? There was no other Church until the Reformation, which splintered the Church into a thousands of divisions. This info posted is hate at its highest. My brother told me about this site and has followed you. He is a Methodist but not ani-Catholic. Your ideas create more division and hate.

I want to address this with facts as well as ask everyone who has followed this blog to post facts as you may find them from history and as we move forward. Let this be a collective post with everyone providing detail truths that can clearly show just how evil the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is. We are to confront our enemy and as such I am doing it now and ask that everyone else do as well.

In order to provide an accurate reflection on the church, I have included in the following links to articles and videos that tell the public exactly what goes on with the church. If anyone can review these materials and come out on the other side that this organization is not corrupt and is not a friend to Christianity then you fail to open you mind to the truth.

Below are just some of the videos about this subject.

Documents to read about the church.

Well I will not continue. It really disturbs me when people are so blinded by society and do not care to do any homework for the truth. Many of you may still be riding the proverbial fence. If you are then, you need to hurry up and figure out what will be your truth. Because the truth is coming out and when it gets main stream I do not want anyone to come back and tell us why didn't you educate us on this subject.

The history of this world is built on Satanic cults, rituals and sacrifice. At the head of this snake is the Jesuit structure. This structure governs the Roman Catholic Church and all that goes with it. Let's get real!

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