The Three Legged Stool - Countries within Countries

We will use this analogy for many things because it gets us some relief from the censorship police. Let's look at the setup.

The whole world is controlled by this three legged stool.

  • The power over humanity - The Vatican Sea (A country inside of Italy)

  • The financial control over humanity - The City of London (A country within the Country of England)

  • The police (military) control over humanity - The City of Washington D.C. (A country within the country of the United States)

We will get into the history of these in our rebuilding of history but the point here is that the focus of the world change is to take out these three power structures an return the control over every nation to the people of their own country.

Who best to do this other than the United States. In fact, it had to be this way. Once the police structure is separated then they can be no enforcement of control over humanity. Why is it in every country in the world people are focusing on the United States? Why are people around the world carrying US Flags?

We can will will discuss the conditions of the world and how they will be corrected but I had to get something published now that get everyone to understand that Washington D.C. with the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 made them completely separate from the rest of the 50 states.

The second American Revolution is happening in one area Washington D.C. The states only become part of that by having standing named in the constitutions since the 1776 Original Constitution. Why has Washington D.C. been placed under lock down?

The concern when this revolution will start is based upon a number of things begin put into place. One of the biggest issues is the protection of people - you and me. See we have no standing with the current constitution. We are under maritime law which make us under the sole control over courts to do with us to do with what they want as directly mainly by the state governments. The federal government has turned that over to them. On March 13, 2020 President Trump signed an Executive Order that put FEMA in control over the 50 states and Washington D.C. If you are not familiar with FEMA powers you need to do some research. They are completely outside the constitution - the current constitution. This gives them more power than the federal government itself.

So current activities of rolling us back to 1776 constitution is to first make our cities as safe as they can be before the revelation is kicked off. As of yesterday you should look at those states that had blackouts with comparison toe BLM and ANTIFA camps.

It is my opinion from all my sources that you need to be prepared for condition red. You need to have money in the home. You need to have food for at least 10 days and more likely 2 weeks. You need to have medications refilled. You need to have your cars gassed up and extra cans if needed. You need to think about everything controlled electronically and make sure that if you have obtained those items you need.

It is important you look at everything going on and the signalling that is taking place.

Back to the three legged stool. What has happened recently at the Vatican and Italy? When was the money supply cutoff from the world because they were using the US Petro Dollar which was taken out of commission - WHEN? When were we notified that this was going to happen - immediately upon the election of DJT. For the last four years, DJT has been removing all that he needed to get to this point in time.

We will witness very soon a change in history that has never been done in modern day.

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