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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Don't you just love when someone promises that they will do something for you they do it. As parents do we not teach our children that to do what they promise to do. And more important, as parents, even it is more important to do what we promise to our children. Do you have a clue where this process first started - promises? It started in Genesis 2:18 "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." See God was the first who made a promise. Thee have been many promises throughout history but none so important than listening to what God is again saying through a man called Donald J Trump.

On inauguration day on January 20, 2016, a man, not of political nature, took the oath of office for the Presidency and became our 45th president of the United States. In that speech, he made a promise to we the people. He made a statement and then a promise in the same sentence. He stated that in electing him we the people just took back control over the United States of America.

Most Americans did not know then and, most still do not know now, that this man was a chosen man to become the commander in chief of the United States to allow for God's people, who had been preparing since 1963, a directional change of our great country. This man, a business man and not a politician, would be chosen, then outright elected, and would make the changes required to not only return this great country to its people but to give it back to God.

Throughout the next four years he made other statements and promises in the same sentence. Most American gloss over them but the statements are so profoundly directive and profoundly created by God. One such statement was the notification of election processing that he told everyone who dared to interfere with our elections, both domestic or international, would be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He made similar statements over the last year almost daily. He gave people notice.

In our post called The Hammer and Scorecard, we provided some early information about very sophisticated software being used by Obama during his presidency. We discussed that a piece of Software named Scorecard was developed after Obama was elected. We even commented that this was to be used to support Hilary Clinton election but it was not made available for anyone to access at the time by a certain Admiral. However, in this election the software was allowed to be used as well as other backdoor software packages like Dominion.

It is really tragic that we the people, in many cases, have lost our way to think and reason for ourselves. We have lost the very trust element given to us by God. And, we have lost our faith in God. Furthermore, we have failed to rely on God for whatever the outcome of this election or any future one may be. We fail to see the plan, yes God's plan, on the direction of our country and how all this mambo-gumbo MSM crap exposes just how deep the corruption exists so, that when we see it being corrected, we can be astonished that this was even able to be figured out and dealt with. You see, that is most of Americans problem. We have no brain left. We have become puppets swaying which every way the wind blows as we are being told what to think.

So, on election night can anyone guess where Trump and his family might have been watching the election? Have you been able to find this through your own research or you still up the butt of MSM. Well, he and his family along with more than 1,000 military personal were watching the election in scifs. Trump was in the Eisenhower room and the military was spread out all over the United States watching and capturing the use of these two and more software programs to steal the election. Oh yes, they have it all.

The biggest fraud on the American people was being done right in front of our eyes while a gangly amount of MSM pun dents and Satan worshiping people cheer on the process. But what was taking place was one of the last traps being set. The sting operation planned by so many brilliant people at the direction from God.

You see, people have been so far become puppets that they can no longer just be told that something is going in the wrong direction they have to be shown. And for some, while they see God for who he truly is, have become so obsessed with major financial gains and worldly things that they have forgot that blessings on this earth come from our King - Jesus.

God calls on men everyday to take up the sword and follow Him and for our President he has come ready for the challenge in spite of the people. Years have been spent by many trying to educate the public. In some cases, we have done a very good job at just that. What has not been successfully completed is the personal change to allow all this to happen. The world was told this is a change from God. Everyone inside the MSM told you just the opposite. As a people, we have failed this President and, in doing so, we have failed God.

If you seek out information about what is going on instead of what you need to do you have failed. If you worry about your financial gains or any other prosperity in all this instead of seeking out what God has for you to do to rush this process forward you have failed. If you watch the negative MSM on topics that are doing nothing but creating doubt and fear instead of taking the same time and reading your bible for directional points you have failed. If you speak about all the crap going on instead of what God is doing and where you have have been able to help you have failed.

As a nation of people, we have been so programmed to think we are entitled. We should get everything and do nothing. We take for granted what others are working towards on everyone's behalf. We cry out to large amounts of people when things are not moving in the direction we think they need to be going. We have lost our faith in the very God who created us. And we ride with the wind in changing directions as often as it does.

Our President is doing what he promised. He is, through God's leadership and direction, changing not only this nation but nations around the world. He is fighting a war that no one can completely understand. Many of you want to understand but because you think your entitled, you ride with the wind as it changes directions constantly, your lack of engagement by wanting to gather as much information as possible to sooth the worrying of some loss and because you fail to take up God's sword and get involved in the war you consume everyone's time in trying to determine the exact conditions at a particular moment in time to calm your mind. The very mind that God says is His to control.

We need to look at Nehemiah 6:1-9. Nehemiah was building the wall around Jerusalem when his enemies wrote him many letters wanting him to come down from the city and address them with concern about his plan. Nehemiah neither gave them the time of day to meet with them he called them out by name as his enemies so everyone would know them by their direction they were headed. So where are you? Get off the fence. Get right with God. Pick up your sword and get involved. Take ACTION!

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