The Serpent Plan

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

This post will discuss the strategy used by what we have been taught as satan but in reality we will come to understand the Serpent was just that a serpent - not satan in the Garden of Eden.

The plan of Lucifer can be clearly seen in Scripture. Lucifer wanted to become in charge of God's (Elohim) Kingdom. We want go through the account again herein because we have already posted this in previous post. But we do want to role the end result into his plan for our understanding.

First, Lucifer thought that he could challenge God and His court to over take the Kingdom. He found very quickly that he had neither the power nor the number of angels to even try this. While a battle existed in heaven with Elohim's judgment, Michael following the orders of God, removed Lucifer from Heaven.

Lucifer was provided extraordinary position in God's Kingdom. Not only was he there in the creation of all things after angels but he ruled over those who resided on earth prior to his rebellion. So what Lucifer thought was that from his position as Guardian of the mountain which the Garden of Eden resided he could overthrow God's Kingdom and then rule over earth.

Due to his position he knew that creation was done with everything made using God's DNA. Remember this!

So what God did was cast him out of Heaven and gave him his wish to rule earth but it was a made wasteland far from the luxurious lands it was before his rebellion. The separation between Heaven and earth prevented the serpent from the ability to corrupt anything more than what he did with the 1/3 angels who were cast out of heaven with him. However, he waited on the time when God may renovate earth and bring back earth to its original state.

Lucifer, being aware that all things created held God's DNA to make them function, realized that the only way he could obtain full control, as God, over anything was to corrupt God's creation through a change in DNA structure.

So when Elohim renovated earth and created the spiritual beings he knew that he would not be able to corrupt them but when Jehovah formed man and man had the ability to utilize his Freedom of Choice, Lucifer knew that all he had to do is put forth the right temptation at the right time and he would then be able to place a virus into God's creation, man, and thereby, take over the ruler ship and creation his own spices of man.

The serpent's plan would be to move on the female knowing that she was underneath the ruler ship of man who was underneath the ruler ship of God. If he could get her to move into his species and thereby provide the ability to populate another species of humanity not of God's DNA but of his, then he would become god of the Universe.

Now do not go off the deep end yet. You must walk through the information here and future posts in order to understand the truth about this statement.

So the serpent presented himself as a gorgeous man and approved Eve. The rest is history. Now let us move into the scripture and see what the Hebrew text tells us about this.