The Role of DNA

So using the role of the DNA God made a spices that was of His DNA and the serpent made a spices that was of his DNA. these functions, DNA sequences must be converted into messages that can be used to produce proteins, which are the complex molecules that do most of the work in our bodies. In other words it is a set of code (algorithm) that enables the formed human body of Jehovah to interact with the Spiritual created body contained inside the physical body of Elohim to function. Do you get this? Our spiritual body is 100% the DNA of Elohim. It was not until Jehovah formed man from the dust making the physical shell for the spiritual body that there was a need for a relationship between the spiritual and physical to give life. THe same DNA pattern but the insertion of carbon that gave us physical life.

We could have remained in the spiritual form and had a spiritual relationship with Elohim but it was Jehovah that wanted a physical relationship with humanity. Therefore, the two entities of God put together an algorithm that allowed our physical body to talk to our spiritual body (which is the part that gives life) and together we have live of earth.

OK think about this. We will get to the heart-brain in a future post but the spiritual being resides inside the physical body (we are a temple of God) and it is the spiritual body that God kicked started in relationship with the physical body when He breathed His breath of live.

The serpent's knowledge of the spiritual body knew he could not disrupt the DNA algorithm of it but if he could insert a virus into the physical body then he could change the messaging of the spiritual body control over the physical body.

As long as Humanity did not partake with the serpent then God being the spiritual body inside the physical body was totally in control. So it was the serpent's plan from the beginning of creation to insert a virus into the physical body that interfered with the spiritual body messaging and control.

The serpent knew about all of God's Laws and knew that if he could impact the one not controlled directly by God then he could influence her to influence the man and as such together they would then create a spices of humans with the serpent's bloodline - algorithm.

DNA is pivotal to our growth, reproduction, and health. It contains the instructions necessary for your cells to produce PROTEINS that affect many different processes and functions in your body. Because DNA is so important, damage or mutations can sometimes contribute to the development of disease.