The fourth book of the History Unhinged is moving to publication. Will be available before Christmas season and would be a great gift for anyone. This book lays out the two systems of control over this world we call the Systems of the Matrix. It provides all the parts of the matrix systems used to manipulate and control through deception our daily lives in this luciferian system of the world. It also sets the stage for the next book that will be titled The Body Matrix. When we understand the two systems of this world Matrix we then can understand that these two systems would not even exist if it were not for us, human beings. Be on the look out as we get things setup on the GIG website for this upcoming book.

This book, outside on the fourth book in the God Is Government Series, is one of the most comprehensive book for understanding what controls your life. The fourth book in the God Is Government Series titled the Keys of The Kingdom provides you with how we, as human beings, have the ability to access that Kingdom of God inside all of us. This book The Systems of the Matrix brings to the forefront the truth about the luciferian government and the systems of manipulation and deceptions.

Watch for its release and order as soon as you can!