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The Keys of the Kingdom

If we were to ask many of you what you thought the Keys of the Kingdom were I wonder what you would say? For many, as we have been taught, the Keys are actual activities to reset one's thinking towards scripture and their walk with Christ. Things like prayer, reading, meditating, etc. etc. In fact, I would think that even some of those of us would think more towards the new age enlightenment process.

When you look at the basis of creation and the reasons God created humanity it becomes more clearer as to really what these Keys are. This has been lost on most pastors today. In fact, they gloss over the facts of the reason God created humanity, what he wanted from His creation and really what happened when Ada, and Eve failed God with sin. They think that it is Christ that came for the forgiveness of sin by dying on the cross. While that is one major component of His coming there is so much more that we have not been taught.

When you look at creation itself you find that God created angels who roamed on earth and to this day still do. Another topic for a different day. What we find is that when the spiritual being was created they were 100% in-tunes with God. They had no need for the mind-brain to interact with that which God had given the spirit. In fact, the mind-brain was not even in existence when God created the spiritual being. Think about that a moment.

It was not until God formed humanity out of the dust that the mind-brain came into existence but we were already created. Just like we are created in the womb of mothers we see a heart beat but nothing in the human form has been created.

When the physical form was made and placed into the Garden, Satan knew he had a chance to infect the God's algorithm's DNA in our system. It was through the process of Adam and Eve sin that opened the mind-brain to good vs evil and placed Satan virus inside of all the physical bodies of humanity. This is past down through generation through the male and female conception process.

This was not God's plan but when sin (Satan virus) enter into the physical body God had to amend he Edenic Covenant to require a redemption process to happen (the coming of Yahuwah) to fulfill the law of the Covenant to allow God once again to have a face-to-face relationship with humanity. But this time it would not be walks in the Garden as was with Adam and Eve, it would be through the Holy Spirit that Yahuwah gave to humanity at Pentacost to reside inside of us - the temple of God.

What Yahuwah did in His teaching that is missing from the 45 books of the Bible was teach how to go back to how it was before the Satan virus infection. He taught of how to move back in time when the heart-brain was the driver and the mind-brain was literally not needed other than to move through the body the messaging through energy frequency (the language of the body). In essence, He was teaching the Keys of the Kingdom to allow people, who understood, to become enlightened through the Keys coming back to the relationship of humanity to God before sin. Yes a part of that is salvation but the primary purpose was to fulfill the law of the Covenant to allow for humanity to return to what God originally intended. But with Satan infection inside our mind-brain He had to teach how to isolate that and allow the heart-brain to take over the control over the mind-brain to isolate and kill the virus. Sound familiar?

I have finished and released the fourth and final book of the God Is Government Series. It has gone to the publisher yesterday. I will be releasing it for sale along with a bundle of the entire four book series this weekend.

In the first Book – God’s Governmental Authority Structure – in the God Is Government Series having discussed God’s governmental principles, His rules, His Constitution, His Legal Statues, His relationship Laws, and the structures of authority for the home, church, workplace and governmental leadership. Our focus was on the legalistic/legislative side of God’s Kingdom. All of these governmental constructs were all put into placed even before the Creation described in Genesis 1:1. And we all can read, hear, see and live the majority of people feel Jesus Christ is not real and that the world chaos is produced by a single man! How right they are but not a man a fallen angel.

In the second Book – GOD’S FAMILY AFFAIR – PROOF OF GOD’S KINGDOM CITIZENSHIP– in the God Is Government Series having discussed Life as a biological decedent of God. Our focus was on taking scientific discoveries and historical texts and scriptures and putting forth the evidence that not only do we have physical parents, but we have a Heavenly Father tied directly to Him by our DNA and our spiritual soul. This tie leads us to understanding now why God tells us He is our Father. Much different than what the pulpit has taught us due to the evidence presented. We are His children! God tells us that we are citizens of Heaven and, as such, live here on earth to further His Kingdom as citizens of Heaven living in a foreign land (earth). We will take on head-on this subject matter in the next book in this series – A Citizen in a Foreign Land.

In this third Book – A CITIZEN IN A FOREIGN LAND – in the God Is Government Series we have discussed that we are not citizens of this world but a citizen of heaven living on earth as a foreign citizen – a Heavenly Citizen. Not only is this important for us but it is in our thoughts, actions and giving that we share God with those who may not know Him.

In this fourth and final book – THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM – in the God Is Government Series we have taken all the basics of the first three books and brought them together to identify our purpose for humanity, God’s reasoning for humanity creation, how we are biologically tied to God, what are the rules of this humanity engagement, and the Keys of the Kingdom God gave us to use to obtain His Absolute Power. Humanity was created without sin, and it was sin that brought the need for the Keys of the Kingdom. When Christ walked the earth, He did so for one particular purpose. That purpose was not only to fulfill the Law, but it was the Law that He taught as to how we move backwards in understanding the heart-brain connection directly with the Holy Spirit of God. It is in our purpose to obtain the knowledge to allow the heart-brain to command the mind-brain once again and therefore achieve enlightenment.

Not like what New Age people teach about enlightenment or Pastors teaching the Keys are of pray, reading the bible, etc., at the heart of enlightenment is understand the Keys and applying those Keys to our life. Once we have mastered that, then we do not need to do much else other than love God so He can love through us.

The portal to the Kingdom resides in us. The access to the Kingdom has been given in the redemption process of Yahuwah. It is not salvation only that allows us to access the Kingdom. Yes, salvation through faith gets you a ticket to heaven, but that was not the purpose for humanity. The purpose of humanity was to provide a reflection of God, Replicate God through child birth, and rule over earth through God's Absolute Power provide dominion that we cannot do without God. It is here that the teachings of Yahuwah about the control over the physical body from the spiritual body (the heart-brain) that we once again turn back to being able to have God's intended relationship with Him, but more importantly we heal ourselves from Satan's virus and achieve the enlightenment from God that so many of the world is trying to achieve through the New Age and other movements.

Would you not know it that the number 7 arises again - God's perfection number. You see there are seven Keys to the Kingdom!

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