Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The Hammer was a surveillance tool development created to spy on citizens internationally. However, Obama turned this onto US Citizens. Obama took this tool and developed an application called Score Card, which allowed for electronic intercepts to occur and change the data contained within the electronic data. Once changed, it allowed for the data string to be placed into the communication strand and then complete the communication.

Why is this important? This was the sole reason Hillary Clinton lost. The power-to-be stopped the use of Score Card in her election, which then allowed the American people to elect Donald Trump. However, with this current election they used it. This is the reason the democrat party wanted everyone to go vote. They used the larger voter turn out to shift the votes from Trump to Biden. The Hammer and its software team are located in an isolated location in Maryland. They knew it was being used and called for a Biden win in states when Trump was clearly leading.

Then, they changed the votes in the system to match what they needed to secure the vote total to match what they needed to have the mainstream media (MSM) call the state for Biden. They did this for two major reasons. 1) To secure the win for Biden and 2) to demoralize the American people away from Trump so that after the night of the election, people would be so discouraged they would just want the process to end and turn away from President Trump. It is extremely important that we not allow this to go unanswered. Our voice is required! Do not let this go down in history as something we allowed to happen!

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