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With all the disclosures being made on all platforms of media we will not do any narration on them. You can watch and see how things will unfold. However, we will get into some details about the Fraud that may just be hitting the news outlets.

You guys at some point better send Admiral Rodgers roses, thank you, or whatever suits your fancy for being the guy who cared enough about this great nation to take a stand and do what was right for the American people. I think you can connect the DOTS from prior blog posts to know what is being said here. It was one man; think about that, which provided the detailed information that started the quest of liberty, freedom, independence and our sovereignty. While he is not much in the spotlight, as for the MSM, he is in the background a guiding light to what has and is happening today.

The second man who knew what had to be done once Admiral Rodgers stepped forward was General Flynn. Not much has been said about this man and the role he plays and the fact that the courts will not allow him out of their system for the fear of the onslaught of disclosures that would occur. However, they were beat at their own game. Q has even said that what way to get information into the legal system than begin part of that system in whatever capacity it took. Think about that as well!

Wouldn’t it be a hoot to the deep state players to know that their fraudulent scheme was already known the day after the 2016 election? The Fraud committed on the American people, and another fact, the people around the world with governments who were and are complicit in these activities were not something of recent origin. The Fraud took place when America, who thought they won the war of independence in 1776, founding fathers, allowed our country to remain under British rule without telling the people the truth.

Our founding fathers did a great service and dis-service at the same time. They set up a great nation with all the checks and balances needed to one day be able to deal with the issues that they could not deal with in 1776. We were colonialized by the British crown, the people fought for their independence and our elected representatives at that time (our founding fathers) were left no choice but to do what they did. They setup a country that one day (TODAY) could stand-up and take control over what we thought we had control over but never did. They gave us the framework (legal federal and state) to establish the freedom and independence the war of 1776 was meant to provide.

In 2016, when President Trump was elected, the motion started the day after the election to put this country on a course for freedom and giving to the people, for the first time, a country we have long fought wars for. For every Patriot, from the generals who devised the plan to the citizens who took up the sword that fought just as hard with the tools they had, we as all the citizens of the United States and, as a matter-of-fact, the world, need to continue to fight for each country’s freedom. If we don’t fight and fight hard to win, we will NEVER get another chance.

This Fraud we are seeing being put forth to the public has been there from the beginning of these United States. However, the fraud we are seeing is just one tip of the mountain that has been climbed over these past four years. We must do our part. We must get involved. We must protect our communities. It is at this level where we can and will succeed in winning a game of chess no one ever thought could be unwound and put to rest. This world is ours, the people’s house – God’s Kingdom – which he gave us sovereignty and dominion over. It is ours to proclaim under Him who makes all happen. GOD WINS!

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