The Fence Line

I remember as a boy growing up I would not only feed the cattle our family owned but for some that paid me to do so for them. As part of this effort we always had to walk the fence line. I bet many of you can relate to this.

Back then the fence was made from strains of barbwire tied to posts that could be anything. We took, in some cases and made a post out of a fallen tree limb.

We walk the fence line to determine where if any the cattle could get out of the field or if the fence line was down or even broken in areas. See cows are not the brightest creatures in the lot. They want to get out they will come hell or high water. Not even a shape strain of barbwire could hold them in.

We were always going into another field or done the road to retrieve cows that seem to want a play day outside of their own field.

This memory came to me today sitting in front of our fireplace trying to keep warm which exactly what I use to do as a teenager when I came in from feeding during the winter months. But something else came to mind as well.

This memory can be seen as exactly where we are today. We have a group of people that are caught up in their own field that have a mindset that their way of government is the right way. We have a vast territory of people that seem to think that the open space allows for them to maintain sovereignty over their life.

The ones in the field continue to want to break out to mix with the sovereign folks because they like the challenge of trying to change those sovereign folks.

In fact, every once in a while the bull got out and wanted to go play. Now those of you know what I am talking about can relate that when cows are in heat and a bull is on the prowl it is one hell of a time getting that bull back in the field. So it is with those in the field that represent the luciferian doctrine approach to life and their control over it - not just for them but for everyone. They are liken to the bull.

We need to be diligent in walking that fence line. God provided this sovereign nation to us at creation by giving us dominion. He gave us the Governmental Authority Structure to govern over these idiots instead of the other way around. We have just allowed the fence to be broken. We need to move them back into their field so they can be dealt with inside their own yard.

Just a memory of the past. I can see the men that taught me to round up cattle using their techniques on these fools and I have to laugh.

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