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The Election, The Fraud, The Constitution - THE ART OF WAR

This post will be more of an overview post of things to come in other detailed posts. The reason to do it this way is to set the stage for proper understanding of the detail posts in the future. As discussed in our last post, the election was allowed to occur with full knowledge of the fraud that was going to be perpetrated upon the American people. But the fraud goes much deeper than the election of the president of the United States. Discussions are being had as to just how to disclose this and to what level. All the swing states you are able to follow the results of all the investigations. But on the states typically controlled by democrat governors and related houses there might not be much stated about these because, in some opinion, they would add no more value to the disclosure.

It will be made very clear with all the evidence to prove fraud of the elections. Once made public and into the courts the question goes as to what to do next. This leads us to our Constitution. The Constitution gives the President various options within its framework. Regardless of what option or options President Trump and his team select they each involve not only the courts but the military and even some state processes. You should be prepared for the President Executive Order on the Insurrection Act to come in full force. This involves our military in protecting the American people from harm and property destruction. It is anticipated that there are over 500 cities right now that have around 200 individuals to lead riots and destruction. I would not put it past these events to also cause the loss of life. So we all need to be prepared to protect ourselves and shelter in place as these events unfold. My grandfather philosophy on things like this is some is on your porch who is not suppose to be there he says to shoot them, drag them inside and then call the police. Have to laugh at the old way of thinking about things.

We are witnessing a master piece being orchestrated. The firing today of Esper is the start. Esper was a deep state player and was planning against our President in accordance with the deep state requests. Stay tuned here as we reveal more and more of the battle ground tactics being used on the deep state in our upcoming posts. Military is now more than ready with a free hand in protecting the American people. The dominoes are falling now. Watch the ants run!!!!!!!!!

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