Updated: Nov 16, 2020

There are so many points to address now. In previous posts, we addressed the following points regarding the elections,

  1. The Hammer and Score card was used to change the votes within the electronic voting systems.

  2. Dominion software was also used which change votes in the system. Dominion is directly tied to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Initiative.

  3. Trump Administration knew about the election fraud and-interference well before the election day. These guys are stupid. They tested the software and got caught.

  4. There was encryption on the ballots that would segregate the good ballots from the fraudulent ones.

Here's additional information about the election.

  1. From what we know now, Trump had somewhere upward to 80M votes. He won outright Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

  2. We spoke about the MSM and the games they played but without any details until now. Chris Stirewilt and the FOX back office had orders to call Arizona when the only states left to come in were the swing states. This was the trigger to have the states shut down/slow down the count, take inventory of what ballots they needed to put Biden over the top in those states and get the deep state support groups to generate ballots. Yes, there were ballots delivered in the wee hours of the morning after election. There were votes for Trump that were completely destroyed and much more. The trigger set by Fox took the pressure off CNN and MSNBC because of everyone following Fox. The MSM committed conspiracy to throw an election as well as sedition and treason. I was shocked that Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum were complicit in these actions. However, after what I am being told now and what I am disclosing, it doesn't shock me any more.

  3. Some countries complicit in this fraud are China and Iran - you most likely could figure out. But here are a few you may not have known - Germany, Franc e, United Kingdom, Australia, and Brussels. As more come to light we will disclose.

  4. The DNC instructed the deep state Governors, Secretary of States and the head of the voting counting teams as to how to rig the election. The ballots destroyed for Trump were headed to a burn location and intercepted. The made up ballots for Biden with no Trump option are being completely removed. The electronic processing of changing the ballots were routed through an international ISP to make it look like it was foreign interference if they got caught - sorry dumb shits you were caught red handed!

  5. The approval of all this operation at the DNC, through to the states and local teams, was all planned, approved and implemented by the same people that spied on President Trump 2016 election - it is all going to come out. But it is being dripped out even as yesterday!

What these stupid, stupid, stupid people didn't know is they were caught before they did the first thing. We will get into more details as to the fraud in the next post.

Have some popcorn between innings but get involved in your local community to make sure your community had a fair and legal election. This is not just at the President level of things and remember your sovereignty starts at the local level.