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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” - Sun Tzu

So what do we know about our current cultural war?

  1. We know that we have been in a spiritual war since the beginning of time - at creation. This war is about good vs evil for control over our minds.

  2. We know that we are in total control over the war of our minds by either surrendering to God or follow the world.

  3. We know that we are required to join this war as warriors of God's army and in doing so He tells us that He, through us, will win this war.

  4. We know that from the beginning of this nation we have not been a free people. We have been lied to and have become slaves to the elite who have controlled this nation.

  5. We know that our Organic Constitution, while identified our freedoms, did not allow for the implementation of those freedoms due to the debt owed by the nation. Because of this debt and because of the legal structures of the international legal bodies controlled by the British Crown, our Constitution was a bankruptcy compact between the United States of America and our creditors (the British Crown).

  6. We know that throughout history our government and our freedoms have been hijacked placing us in slavery to the banking institutions.

  7. We know that all presidents elected up and until Donald Trump with the exception of Andrew Jackson were part of the elite group of people that removed our freedoms and kept us enslaved.

  8. We know that the election of 2016 was done so by removing the ability to create a monumental amount of election fraud by certain key military figures.

  9. We know that since the election of 2016 President Trump has been aware of the deep state activities and the fraud they had and would commit on the American People.

  10. We know that President Trump focused on the court system where all things were to be fairly adjudicated.

  11. We know that the election in 2020 was allowed to move forward with the full knowledge of the certain software that would be used by the DNC, deep state and the same people who spied on Trump's 2016 election.

  12. We know that Trump and his administration watched the election in SCIF's that monitored the use of software to change the election results.

  13. We know that ballot fraud existed in every state.

  14. We know that the whole purpose of all this is to establish a rule of law and removal of the deep state control.

  15. We know that what we are seeing take shape in front of us is the birth of a new nation. A nation that never truly existed until now.

  16. We know the role we must play in fighting this spiritual war.

So what do we not know?

Much of the details in the first four years of President Trump’s office has been in positioning the country for the next four years while, at the same time, manipulating the deep state into surrender. The moves and counter moves that President Trump has taken has been a masterful game of 5D Chess. What the deep state did not count on is a thorough knowledge of their game plan, their positioning and the moves they would be required to make to be successful. At every turn, over the course of these last four years, President Trump has not only been five moves ahead but ahead on each level that the deep state operated in. Now he did this while being investigated, being impeached and being constantly battled with the MSM. What does it take to have a mortal man go through all this and come out as a winner? A chosen man - a man of God.

We will move now into the arena of looking still at history, in some cases to bring the proper perspective, on the last four years and the many chess moves as we can show you on how the President’s Art of War strategy has been successful and will continue to be for the next four years.

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