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Supply Chain Disruption Truth

Many throughout the MSM are not even covering the fact that the shelves of many grocery stores lie bare. Many throughout the alternative media who address this do not really know the truth as to why but they are reporting the issue. People who live near ports of entry see the ships staged out to sea to unload but no unloading is happening. Those that do report on this talk about that the cabal is stopping the transport from happening and there are not enough people to work the docks to facilitate the unloads.

We have waited on this for a while to speak truth! So here it goes.

Several years ago we began education to a group of people in order to set the stage for knowledge transfer to people in times like this. But it appears even that education failed. In this education we stated that it was the trade that would sustain the world as the world change happens. We spoke about, using a three legged stool, about the legs of a financial system and the processes needed to ensure the success of a nation. We spoke about why DJT went after worldwide balance trade agreements right off the bat and how they set the foundation of economics one nation to another. We talked about the need to establish a level playing field on the valuation of currency. And we spoke about the need of controlling the asset value within a country and the need to have each country have its own currency.

Not knowing the timing of things then but wanted to get people to begin to research the topic we decided to educate then instead of now.

In November 2019 DJT shut down all money printing presses. He did this to create an environment, knowing the cabal would continue their spending as seen also in the acts by democrats to extend the debt ceiling, that would push the cabal into its own financial crises by committing to spending, using available fund for their programs and in time would have no funds to pay for anything. When you look at the whole process of trade and understand that it is in that trade (the buying and selling of food) from one country to the next that requires, at least, on the books payments, regardless of whether they are settled immediately or not. DJT exposed the trade imbalance and noted that on the books we owed China a lot of money as his example.

So as it is today! The issue here is not with people not wanting to work it is about money. If a ship ports into a dock it fulfills its delivery and the port of entry takes charge and can unload the ship. If the ship remains in international waters the ship and its contents are still in the control of the shipping company and its instructions from the shipping country. The countries of shipment demand payment to port. This means that a ledger transfer is made from the settlement currency used to purchase the product - The Petro Dollar. The currency of the cabal.

So here we are.

Many people have discussed the change of the world currency. The cabal's approach is the global reset and each country approach is individual currency, back by assets of that country or its partnered country.

The timing of everything is the reason we are here today with ships in international waters and food shortages now occurring. A condition that exists for one reason - the lack of currency to pay for the product. Now this is not unique to the USA. This is being seen worldwide.

The cabal currency is no more. This means no payment or ledger entry to balance with payments in the future exist. In addition, the release of whatever the next currency will be is not release yet either. So we are in a limbo state where every country has no currency to settle with any other country.

Until this is resolved the ships will remain in international waters and we will see significantly more food shortages. This is the reason for months now everyone got on the ban wagon to push be prepared. Well we are here. You need to seek out local farmers. plant your own garden or do whatever you need to do to provide for your families until this gets resolved.

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