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We have completed the shift from the history as posted on the blogs to the forums. While we have a little more to go we have already started posting more information. Just want to let everyone know that we are actively posting now more historical data to rebuild history.

At the same time we have released our course on God's Governmental Authority Structure and the home school course of the same.

We should have the history of the United States book published within the next week or so. Look for it to come soon.

The access to the public forums is still available and the private forums have access to those who are allowed access as well.

The education forums are setup to provide education as a service to individuals who wish to understand the truth about history, government, citizenship, civil government and the power structure of the world. We look forward to having those that wish to further learn about these topics to join the subscription forums and purchase the books which provide the details about what has been included in the forums.

It is our hope that everyone continue on with furthering their education. For the last four years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with truth about our history. Now we have have developed formalized education to take the education to the next level. Come join us. links you to all of educational resources.

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