Small Group Online Workshops

We are putting together small group workshops that will be a live event with me hosting the discussion for each of the four books within the God Is Government Series.

  1. God's Governmental Authority Structure

  2. God's Family Affair

  3. Citizen Living in a Foreign Land

  4. The Keys of the Kingdom

I am setting these up one book at a time and will be hosting two small group sessions each week at 7-9 PM CST. Each group will run one night a week for eight weeks. I will be doing one class on Tuesday Night and another on Thursday night. We will see the response to this before setting up more classes. With the internet format we can have people attend classes from across the globe and around the world if you so choose. So before I set this up and structure the event using ZOOM, I want o get a head count of what we can expect. So we are asking for you to respond whether or not you would be interesting in a Tuesday once a week format or a Thursday. Also begin a small group you could have a viewing gathering in your home or church or anywhere your friends and family would like to gather. With iPhone not an airplay you could even put this on your TV where viewing would be better. The charge for the eight week event 2 hours a week, a total of 16 hours, will be $250.00 per person plus $50.00 for the books (book and workbook), totaling $300.00. Once I get a response back I will evaluate the responses and setup the first session. After the first book your group will be in a position to complete your country/city assessment and move forward with your own county-by-county program and be ahead of the curve with the training complete. Upon completing the first book online small group we will continue forward through each of the remaining three books. Each eight week event is separate for the others so the fees as stated above will be due for each eight week event. There is no requirement of having to attend all four or any of the workshops you wish not to participate in. I will be recording the sessions to have in the library for future small group usage. We look forward for the two classes and hope to see many of you there.

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