Site Member Q&A Monday March 1, 2021

As part of the GIG promise we will provide ourselves from time to time to the membership a dedicated time to ask questions of the team. So we will be doing our first membership Q&A on Monday night from 7 to 9 CST. We thought this day would be appropriate since DJT will be speaking at CPAC on Sunday February 28, 2021. So for those of you who wish to attend this session please come with questions you would like to be addressed. Please note that some of the questions may not be able to be answered due to us not knowing the answer are not allowed to answer at this time. We will clearly point that out if that were the case. The Q & A forum session is posted in the Freedom & Independence Forum. If you are not a site member and wish to join the Q&A just signup and you will have automatic access to the forum for the Q&A session.

Look forward to seeing you in our first Q&A session.

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