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Recap of Creation

What has been provided in the previous posts was a discussion on the events of Elohim in the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. The fact that the Heavens and earth were connected by the mountain where the Garden of Eden resided.

We discussed the rebellion of Lucifer and the casting out of Heaven by Elohim Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels Elohim had created as part of His creation. We have provided mathematical information that would allow us to see just how many angels left heaven with Lucifer. We see that in the casting out of Lucifer from Heaven Elohim changed his name to satan. This is important to note as we move quickly through biblical history to provide the foundation of just what is our current spiritual war.

What we do not know is what was the period of time Lucifer actually worshiped Elohim before his rebellion and the time period between him being cast out of heaven to Elohim decided to renovated earth. We have put forth an argument that in this casting out event the earth was totally changed. The connection of Heaven and earth was no longer. The earth had been turned into a total wasteland. Given scientific evidence of a flash freeze that came upon the earth one could come to the conclusion that since there was no darkness, only light, in the heavens and earth before the rebellion that the casting out produced the ice age event. When satan was removed from heaven the earth went dark and no light shown on the earth until Elohim's renovation.

We discussed the renovation of the earth by Elohim over a six day period in God's time. We discussed in this time period that Elohim created spiritual beings. We identified that after Elohim had finished creation that is was Jehovah that finished the forming of humanity, planting of the herbs and trees, and making it rain. We discussed that God in the form of Jehovah was the relationship God.

Jehovah formed the first Adam and shaped Eve from a rib taken from Adam. We identified that Jehovah placed Adam and Eve back in the renovated mountain of the Garden of Eden and Heave and Earth was once again connected through this mountain.

We will pick up in the next series of post the events of satan's successful temptation of Eve and then Adam and get to the point of understanding the two bloodlines. We will then skip through the bible to the various areas to get us to understanding the foundation of this spiritual war we are living in today.

There is one thing that is important to take away from these posts so far. We were birthed as spiritual beings first and formed into humanity second. This birth (creation) contains exactly God's DNA when we were spiritual beings and the last element of the DNA string was changed in the formation of man from the dust to carbon to allow us to become physical beings.

Scripture tells us that we are owned and paid for with a price. Scripture tells us we are a temple that houses God Himself. It is our hope that you now see this for the truth. It is this condition of life that becomes the root cause of our current spiritual war. It happened at time of creation and has continued throughout history until today. We are not of this world. We come from a different world living in a foreign land with responsibilities that are commanded by God and, if we choose the narrow path, we get the provisioning and security of sovereignty by God Himself.

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