Question - Do You Know What We Are Fighting For?

I posted earlier about awakening yourself. A lot of comments where provided and I wondered whether to respond to that post or create another post to highlight exactly what we are facing. We are in a SPIRITUAL WAR! So I made a comment in the previous post and making a new one with the same.

I absolutely do not think many of you just know what we are fighting. Here is a recent tweet from Jack Dorsey. Let him show you what we are faced with.

We are a spiritual war caused by we the people not living in accordance with God's plan. We the people because we have not sought out the instruction from God in selecting our government have allowed satanic individuals to rule over us. We the people have been complaisant to the point we absolutely have not cared what happens as long as we get what the government is willing to give us. We the people have allowed this satanic group to change our education system to the point of teaching our children the ways of Satan instead of God. We the people have allowed the pulpit to be used as a platform for the agenda of our government via control systems that we the people allowed to happen. We the people failed to understand how we are slaves legally to a foreign government. If this doesn't make you mad, just as Christ was mad in the temple, then I cannot help you. I don't apologize for anything I have said. If you think you should allow the above to continue or feel you just don't care then I have no place for you in what I am trying to accomplish for those that want to learn, change this earth and make sure we live in the environment we are entitled to have provided by God. For those of you who may be offended because we are hitting the target with thoughts and conditions of people's minds and oblivious unconcern about the future of this world then why do you even want to be hearing these words. You should stop. It would be nothing but frustrating and questioning things like words used or tone or sentence structure. Everyone needs to get thick skin. This is going to get worse before it gets better. This is a SPIRITUAL WAR and SATAN if leading most of this nation. Do you act in war with grace and thinking about what you say. No you fight. Sorry if you are offended but the years of education was made to get you to understand this is a war. This is NOT a game.

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