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Our Pivot Point is Today

We will be seeing the biggest change in world history ever before beginning today. The question will be where are you. We each have a choice in accordance to God's Universal Laws to have a Choice of Freewill. You can choose to continue down the path that many seem to be on - the path of being entitled to what you can get versus what you can give. Or, you can choose to move forward toward faith in God, patriotic positioning of your role in a country that provides you freedom and the responsibility of you own sovereignty. Obtaining things unimaginable until now. The question is where are you.

There will be a time sooner than later that requires you to take a stand towards your sovereignty regardless of whether you like it or not. The taking from all of those around you will stop. You will soon feel like you are on the outside looking in and wondering just where the hell your financial entitlements went.

At the heart of this is God's scriptures which clearly point out that entitlement is not God's plan. Yes, all of us are to help those less fortunate - Matthew 25:40. In fact, we should read the whole chapter of Matthew 25. This does not mean those of you who care not to do anything are entitled to take from everyone else.

It is going to be a time when despair, depression and anxiety will be ramped for those that think there payday has left them. For me that is OK. It is about time people begin to take charge for themselves.

It is important to understand that the difference of societal difference is really about the result of splitting the home and the authority structure of God. Those that have lost there way will need to be helped and we must help them. Help them in education and support but entitlement is not one of the helping activities.

God commands us to work. God commands us to work our entire lives. Where does he say retire and live off the rest of the people? God command the aid for those coming into less fortunate times. He does not say people are entitled to take, be selfish and support a government that has brought into governance a Luciferian order removing us from God's Principles.

If you have not chosen your side then I can tell you that you are on the wrong side and will be left behind. You are at a pivot point.

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