Our First Physical Relationship

Woke up this morning thinking about relationships. The main reason is that I was completing a chapter in Book Four of the God Is Government Series - The Keys of The Kingdom. I wrote about this in Book Two of this series - God's Family Affair.

If we were to ask you could you identify your first physical relationship could you do it? To understand this fully is to understand how we as humans have relationships with God and other humans. It is this relationship that provides us whether we are doing right from wrong. Our first relationship was and, if your reading this, still is ourselves. We wrote early in the blogs last week about what you see in the mirror. This is as important to life as life itself. THe first Key of the Kingdom is this relationship. This relationship opens the doors to all other gifts. Without it we can even enter into the Kingdom.

The following is taken from Book Two - God's Family Affair.

Life in the Physical Form

I don’t think we have much disagreement that we do, in fact, have a Life in this physical form – at least if you are reading this book you might need to pinch yourself to make sure! However, I think it is important to work through some concepts between the time of Life before Birth and Life in the Physical Form – Birth – in terms of the relationships we brought with us into this physical Life.

Life existed at every step of the way from Life before Birth into the Life inside our mother’s womb to the time we actual were born and into adulthood of Life. In this area of the book we will look at the Life process of conception, birth and Life in this physical form. It is in this process where relationships begin to really take shape and being the foundation of this physical life experience.

The minute that we created the consciousness to come to this physical realm we began the movement from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. Our process was to select our parents and choose the time of our birth which was part of the spiritual plan developed in the spiritual realm. Parents were communicated with and they prepared for our arrival by partaking in the physical process of conception. Once conception was completed we entered the egg simultaneously and the egg became a physical form immediately. It is not for debate in legal or medical definition as to when Life begins because we are a continuum of Life (spiritual) from one stage to the other in movement from the spiritual to physical realm. Therefore, the minute we choose to come into this physical realm and our spirit enter