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Our First Physical Relationship

Woke up this morning thinking about relationships. The main reason is that I was completing a chapter in Book Four of the God Is Government Series - The Keys of The Kingdom. I wrote about this in Book Two of this series - God's Family Affair.

If we were to ask you could you identify your first physical relationship could you do it? To understand this fully is to understand how we as humans have relationships with God and other humans. It is this relationship that provides us whether we are doing right from wrong. Our first relationship was and, if your reading this, still is ourselves. We wrote early in the blogs last week about what you see in the mirror. This is as important to life as life itself. THe first Key of the Kingdom is this relationship. This relationship opens the doors to all other gifts. Without it we can even enter into the Kingdom.

The following is taken from Book Two - God's Family Affair.

Life in the Physical Form

I don’t think we have much disagreement that we do, in fact, have a Life in this physical form – at least if you are reading this book you might need to pinch yourself to make sure! However, I think it is important to work through some concepts between the time of Life before Birth and Life in the Physical Form – Birth – in terms of the relationships we brought with us into this physical Life.

Life existed at every step of the way from Life before Birth into the Life inside our mother’s womb to the time we actual were born and into adulthood of Life. In this area of the book we will look at the Life process of conception, birth and Life in this physical form. It is in this process where relationships begin to really take shape and being the foundation of this physical life experience.

The minute that we created the consciousness to come to this physical realm we began the movement from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. Our process was to select our parents and choose the time of our birth which was part of the spiritual plan developed in the spiritual realm. Parents were communicated with and they prepared for our arrival by partaking in the physical process of conception. Once conception was completed we entered the egg simultaneously and the egg became a physical form immediately. It is not for debate in legal or medical definition as to when Life begins because we are a continuum of Life (spiritual) from one stage to the other in movement from the spiritual to physical realm. Therefore, the minute we choose to come into this physical realm and our spirit enter the egg (at conception) the egg became a physical being in the making with a living Life-Force (Spiritual). It is important that our spirit, being of full thought and consciousness in the spiritual realm, was of full consciousness immediately upon entering the egg in this physical realm.

We continued to have a spiritual relationship with our God and were able to communicate in the same manner as we grew the physical body form the female egg as we did when we were of the spiritual realm. Why is this important? I have come to understand that, as we were spiritual beings in the previous world, we were able to actively participate in the creation of ourselves – in the co-create process given to us by our God. Therefore, each and every step of the process from conception to birth when we took our first breathe we knew what was going on and had full knowledge of really who we are and what we were to become.

So as we were developing – while we were growing things (fingers, toes, arms, legs, and other organs) we did not see this development as separate from our Spiritual Being – we saw it as a continuum of what was to become. We saw them as a part of us. In this state of development, we were still vibrationally intertwined with God but the full integration of us with God was such that there was no relationship between the two because we were still all One.

It was in the moment of our physical birth where a part of consciousness focused itself on the physical side of us – our physical body – and our first relationship began: the relationship between the physical us and the Non-Physical Us (physical with the spiritual). What had occurred? At this very moment our spirit who knew only of pure energy and One with God was now not free in the spiritual realm it was housed in a body of energy that had vibrations much slower which created a physical mass holding inside not free to roam. This physical mass, being pure energy, with its lower vibration frequency from the vibration frequency of our spirit had to develop a relationship between the two in order to be able to communicate with each other – the relationship of the physical you to the Spiritual You. We know that one body of energy can only communicate with another body of energy when they are vibrating at the same frequency. To understand this let’s look at communication from a radio station to our radio. If we knew of a radio station that was approved by the FCC to communicate to everyone on a frequency of 98.7 then if we wanted to listen to the information being communicated by the radio station we would have to turn our radio into the same frequency 98.7 to hear what was being communicated. We could not have our radio on 103.7 and hear what was being played on 98.7. This is the same with the energy of our body and the energy of our spirit. Our body is vibrating at a much lower frequency than our spirit. Therefore, these two bodies of energy had to develop a system of communication between them so that one would know what the other was communicating.

Understanding this we now have come upon a significant flawed premise – a misunderstanding by many of our physical friends. This premise being I am either physical or Non-Physical, either dead or alive.

Many people, until probably now, do not understand that we existed before our physical birth and those that did feel that our Non-Physical part ceased to be once we were born into this physical realm. This relationship (our vibration relationship) that exists between the Physical Us and the Non-Physical Us is very significant for many reasons.

  1. The emotions that we feel (our Emotional Guidance System) are because of the relationship between these two Vibrational parts of us.

  2. As we reach for new thoughts and expansion (knowledge, education, Life experiences), during this physical Life, we have the benefit of the stable knowledge of our Non-Physical counterpart.

  3. As we reach for new thoughts and expansion (knowledge, education, Life experiences), during this physical Life, the Non-Physical part of us has the benefit of expansion that we create in our physical experience.

  4. Every other relationship we develop and have (other people, with animals, our own body, with monetary things, with concept and ideas, and with Life itself) is profoundly affected by this all-important relationship between the us and the Us.

We now can see that our first physical relationship is within ourselves. This is the most important relationship that exists on this physical realm. It is this relationship that can interpret the communication with our God – done by our Non-Physical – and can guide our physical thoughts and actions by communicating with physical being through the interaction of emotions. Therefore, we can conclude here that the Non-Physical part of Us (our spirit) is pure energy communicating continuously with our God because they are on the same Vibrational frequency and the physical part of us (our bodies) being also pure energy but vibrating at a different Vibration frequency seeks communication continuously with our God and can only do so with our Non-Physical Us. Thus, the manner by which the physical us knows that we are in harmony with the Non-Physical Us (being in harmony with our God 100% of the time because it is God) is through how we feel. If we feel good about our thoughts and actions we are told we are working in harmony with our Spirit who is always is in harmony with God. If we feel bad about our thoughts and actions then we know that we are working outside of being in harmony with our Spirit. It is through this relationship that all other relationship shapes our Life.

When people meditate and calm their brain chatter, their brains emit alpha frequencies of 7 to 9 Hertz (Hz). The human brain in a relaxed state then has the same frequency of vibration as the energy field of the earth. Every human adjusts their brain frequency to match those they want to hear. For instance, when a human talks we all can hear. But when there is a high pitch sound that only animals can hear we cannot, unless we have programmed our minds to that frequency. Therefore, human energy in constant and allows one human to be connected to all humans no matter where they may be. Energy has no boundaries and can communicate to like energy sources at any time anywhere.

Let’s look at our relationship with Nature. The earth’s natural electromagnetic field has a frequency measured as about 7.8 Hz. This is the well-known and documented Schumann Resonance measured daily in seismology laboratories. When humans live close to nature, their energy fields are in synchrony with the energy field of the earth, so they experience more balance and better health. Why is this? Energy needs from one source receive energy from other sources in order to keep the Universe in balance. This is a Law of the Universe. Have you ever said after being around another individual that you feel absolutely drained of energy? Well, this does occur. We freely give energy to one another as our energy levels require it in order to stay in balance.

Life in this Physical Form requires several energy relationships. Energy is transmitted via vibration at specific frequencies. Energy sources that wish to communicate or directed to communicate must do so with like energy sources (same vibration) either directly if vibrating at the same frequency or if not must go through a connector that adjusts the frequency between the two energy sources dispensing of the excess energy from the more powerful source.

It is our energy connections that build relationships for us. Looking at the hierarchy we have the following.

  1. Universal Energy – this is the energy of our Creator. This is at the highest frequency that can ever be produced. At this highest frequency of vibration each form of living matter is interconnected as our particles dance and spin apart. This is connected to the spirit within humans. There is no relationship link here because the spirit within the human body is One (same) with the Universal Energy Source (God). This allows constant communication and energy shifting as needed to maintain Universal balance.

  2. The first energy relationship is the relationship between our physical us (body as energy) and the Non-Physical Us (spirit as energy). The connector here is our emotions. It is through our Emotional Guidance System that let us know how we are doing on making sure we are in constant balance with the Universe.

  3. The next relationship we have is the relationship with Nature. This is a low frequency energy source that feeds direct energy to our physical body (our Human Energy Field). Since we vibrate at the same frequency there is no need for a connector between the physical us and the Earth. A constant flow of energy flows between the physical us and Nature in order to keep balance.

  4. The next relationship is between the physical us with other physical beings. This relationship allows the physical us to send and receive energy between one human to another to maintain physical balance. There have been many documented body healings that have took place and continue today to take place just by having one human in the presence of another providing the required level of energy to heal. Because we vibrate at the same frequency this is a constant flow of energy between humans. It should be noted that this transfer of energy has no boundaries. We can affect humans thousands of miles away.

We may wonder why there is no relationship between human spirits. The reason is that all spirits are connected through the Universal Energy Source (God Spirit) and can communicate (transfer energy) one to another constantly as well because the spirit vibration frequency is at the highest level and One with the Universal Spirit Source (God).

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