Online God's Governmental Authority Structure Tuesday Night Course 08-03-21 through 09-28-21

Beginning August 3, 2021 through the following nine weeks ending September 28, 2021, we will hold an online course on the fundamentals of government - God Is Government. The online course will be each Tuesday night during this time period starting at 7PM and ending at 9PM CST. The class size has been limited to 30 people so that we can keep the size to a point where discussions can be interactive during the education sessions. We will cover each week a chapter out of the God's Governmental Authority Structure with the ninth week a conversation about how do we go forward from here. Purchase your course tickets that include the course, softcover book and workbook by selecting events above and go to August 3, 2021 and select the event.

We will be recording each event for those that may miss one session to be able to watch the presentation and discussion at a later date.

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