Moving Forward - Please Note the Changes

We are going to begin posting four times a day now. We are going to speed up the rebuilding history with two posts a day and get into the current events of the day also with two posts. In some cases, this will be like a mirror image because we will identify that what happened in the colonial days are happening now.

In addition, I will be removing my personal and godisgovernment facebook pages from facebook. I am doing this now because the content I will begin to post will be sensored by them. In addition, I will also be deleting my twitter account for the same reason.

I will work through next week walking on the fence line and hope that I can use words that provide the details of the post in such a way I don't get sensored.

So for those of you who are following me and want to continue to do so please go to our website and signup. In signing up, you will be able to get email notifications of new blog posts and access to forums dealing with history, current day news, events of the day and much more.

I appreciate all the support being given to our team with donations and buying of books. We are growing fast and wish to continue and your support is greatly appreciated.

The storm is over head and things are breaking loose now with truth information and convergence of light over dark.

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