Lenses - Which Do You Look Through

James 1:22-25 "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror. For he looks at himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like. But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing."

This verse creates a foundation that allows you to look at not only the world but people in many different ways. What this tells us is that unless we pick up ourselves and act that our worldview and view of people will be from the lens of what anyone tells us. Think of that a moment.

What this verse tells us is that if we do not get our selves up and act then our view, the lens we look at the world and the view of people, will not be one of fact but of what we are told. When we get our information from the boob tube, the radio, gossip, the internet or even today in the church without finding ourselves what the real truth is then we deceive ourselves. And yes, because we love to talk we deceive others. No matter what the subject is. Everyone has something to say. And it gets worse, everyone wants to make sure others come to the same decisions that they have determined to be truth instead of allowing others to do and think for themselves.

The lens of a Christian is none of these. Think about that for a moment. If Christians do not what up and begin to act like Christians this world change will never happen. The only time we have hypocrites in when Christians are not Christians.

It is extremely important that we come to realize that we need to come to a full knowledge of God and take that with all His Laws and apply them now. It is extremely important that we begin to take heed about just how the scriptures tell us to act between each other and within society. It is extremely important that you education yourselves in exactly what the scriptures tell you to do and how to do it.

Many of you may be offended by me or many other individuals that spell out the truth in ways that get people to move. Those ways may not be the ways you would like but hidden in the middle is the truth and the way to move forward. Many of you allow yourselves to get so offended by the how it is said versus what is said that you turn yourself off, or attack the messenger or even worse try to turn other people to the same position.

In a time of war, and this is a spiritual war and have become a physical war is so many ways, we need to look at leaders at just how they handled the battlefield, not with soft spoken words but with in many cases an iron tongue. I am reminded of General Patton who did things no other could do. I am reminded of General MacArthur who took young kids and made them men over night.

Even our county started that way, yes not from generals but for pastors, who had a backbone, called the black coat regiment. These men told it like it was in motivating but not sugar coasted words and then walked out and lead the men in the battle for this country.

I look today and people who sit back and criticize others for how they say things instead of what is being said to get to the truth. It is amazing as I took the time this weekend to read posts of encouragement but posts of personal disdain for what is being told the truth. Not for the truth itself but for how it was told. I read comments across 10 different channels. I even picked up the phone and called a few to discuss them.

I went back to scripture and found the story of Jesus turning the tables. He told them many times to not do what they were doing. But no one listened to the softness of His words then. It took Him turning over the tables to get their attention finally. And then the damage was already done.

We have for many years now provided early education way before anyone else did. This education was not only the truth about world history but was grounded in the basis of scripture so that we came to know that the scripture was truth. We have provided through books, podcasts, radio shows and discussions in many groups about the truth of this world and what is going on in its change. We have tried to move people to finding the truth for themselves and knowing that this research request is scriptural. We even went as far as saying test and verify everything that is said. That we want you to fact check us. We have stated fact even before facts are widely known to get people prepared for what was to come.

With all of this disclosure and the ability to fact check us, it is amazing just how many people still don't have a clear understanding about the conditions of the world today and what is happening to correct it.

It is time we stop looking through the selfish lens of what offends you or what you do not personally agree with to then turn to others and through the mouth of gossipers try to turn others to your way of thinking. Ask yourself is this Christian?

I would be amazed if Jesus walked this earth at this day and time. Why would I be amazed you may ask? Jesus never sugar coated anything in fact, one may say that He mislead people by talking in parables. And when people didn't get what was said and didn't turn from their wicked ways He destroyed them.

This is a time to wake up. No we are not talking about a knowledge wake-up we are talking about a spiritual wake-up where you don't use what you think the scriptures are telling you but what is truly being told.

God tells us the only way to obtain dominion over this earth as He gave is through Covenant Obedience, using His hierarchical structure and following ALL His Laws. He tells us that when we break one law we have broken all of them.

If we do not begin to act like Christians becoming warriors of truth within the framework as required, we are no better than those individuals that everyone wants to be removed from this planet! We are just part of the same pulpit of deceit and our words are nothing more than a two edge sword of self indulgence lies.

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