Leaders and Followers

We are quickly coming to the point in time where, as my grandfather would say, shit or get off the pot. I remember those words very clearly and very often as he was training me to lead when leading was needed and follow when I needed to let go. These words stuck with me in my home, my business and with those in society who were lost and could not get it together.

So it is now. It is time determine or we a leader or a follower. No time in history is it more important than today to speak the truth.

It is our hope that through all of our education and those of you who know God you understand we are all connected together. What happens to one will be effected by all. What you do or do not does has a direct effect on humanity as a whole.

It is time to speak truth and do it boldly. This requires no financial resources or education. It requires only a mouthpiece. Everyone needs to understand the way of the vaccine is evil. It is a process laid out by Satan and in its implementation we allow, if we take the vaccine, control over our bodies that God is against.

From everything that has been provided by us and from a great number of sources about the issues with this vaccine you should be standing on the mountain screaming to your fellow brothers and sisters.

It is time my friends to move. Will you take this challenge as God tells us to be leaders in our communities.

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