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Launch of Cue Streaming

GIG has joined the service offering of Cue Streaming. This streaming service will replace all other TV/Cable service offerings. It has over 4,000+ channels and current and future networks. This is automatically tied to the new internet service which will replace the world wide web that is owned and controlled by the cabal.

You will need to have fire stick for each TV.

The price point is under $60.00 a month which is, in some cases, more than 1/3 of what you are currently paying.

When the www. goes done, and it will, this will be one of the only access points to news, weather, etc.

GIG will be setting up a channel specifically for training and other services to the public.

There is a revenue opportunity for those who enroll and wish to get family, friends or the public at large to sign up underneath them.

Please go to or click on the button in the above navigation area.

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