Importance of the Paris Accord

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The first time in history one agreement was signed with all 209 nations. Can you image the importance of such agreement? What was the agreement all about? I bet the majority of people around the world would suggest that this was about climate change. That is a great cover story and to some degree it was about climate change but not what one would think. What do you think about when the words climate change is used? More importantly what do you think those words mean in the Paris Accord? When President Trump took office he stated he was taking us out of the Paris Accord because it would cost the American people a lot of money. He didn't say because climate change is a hoax. What do you think he was signaling there? When Obama signed the Paris Accord it was at the time that the central bankers were in need of an event to refocus everyone's attention from the real issue of the downward spiral of the central banking system. What event do you think this was? Could this be the agreement of the financial restructure of the central banking system? With the backbone of all settlement being the US Petro Dollar was that going to be moved to say China? Given where the world is today with NO money flowing anywhere since November of 2019 and the fact we have seen a change in the banking system, why do you really think President Trump pulled the USA out of the Paris Accord? Something else to consider is, what if that same agreement is being used to usher in the new currencies of the world everyone from BIS, World Bank, financial institutions and many more are all talking about that is about to occur? Could it be that, while the deep state operatives of the Congress and Senate and even Joe Biden on his campaign stops are saying they would put us back into the Paris Accord for climate change control, we are already back into the agreement but with a major change in implementation?

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