Humanity and It's Spiritual War

This discussion or reality check most likely will be the biggest slap in the face anyone has ever gotten.

When you go through all of the previous posts and see just how the events unfolded there is only but one game plan. God created the Heavens and earth and He wanted a personal relationship with a species called humanity and an angel who rebelled against God wants the same thing. This is a battle of who controls humanity. Will it be Elohim or the serpent.

Do you see in the serpent's plan world dominance, one world religion, one of everything pointed to him? So what do you see today? There has been no change from Lucifer rebellion to today!

So the battle we fight today is the same battle plan that was determined at the time of Lucifer rebellion - NO DIFFERENT!

Had Adam and Eve maintained their relationship with God and not followed the serpent then the heart-brain will all of Gods knowledge and wisdom would be the guiding control over all humanity.

Because Adam and Eve followed the serpent the heart-brain lost its ability of control due to the Freewill of Choice to open the mind-brain (self) to the world. With the mind-brain in control over our thoughts and actions here is where humanity lost its personal relationship with God.

God told us He wrote His laws in our heart. God, upon creation, we were all spiritual beings. God placed the spiritual beings inside a physical shell but the spiritual being was the guiding factor still of the human life. The heart-brain was in control. What the serpent did was insert his algorithm inside both the female and the male opening up there consciousness to the fact that had a mind of their own - the mind-brain. In doing this, the mind-brain who takes all of the messaging for all body functions, except thought and actions, would still take those messages because that linkage, through DNA, could not be changed. But the mind-brain now was at war over the control over our thoughts an our actions outwardly. This was the virus placed into humanity.

The serpent knew that he could not change the DNA messaging but could influence the physical body to follow him through the mind-brain. And in doing so, he caused the second most point of what humanity lost by sin.

So instead of humanity walking with God in all his sovereignty and protection and through him we had dominion of all things, we broke that chain and was left with having to have a redemp