Holding The Line

Tonight is the first night in a very long time I watched the news. My wife and I headed south of our home to a town called Jefferson, Texas to celebrate our anniversar. while waiting on her to get ready for a night out on the lake I watched the boob tube news.

if you think that the main stream media is letting up on theirs lies about this Covid -19 bullshit, we are crabbely mistaken. I cannot believe the amount of crap coming out of these news channels. Well, no I do not but am shocked about just how they have. Ow shifted to the unvaccinated war.

if you think you are being persuaded into believing we are the problem you need to pull your head out of your backside. I am so sick of listening to this crap it makes me want to through up. So, I turned it of.

We have been lied to all of our life so why do we think any different now with this load of bull crap. We have been given the truth about this from loyal patriot doctors and we need to understand that to take the shot and Change our DNA is against everything God.

I listen to fires in California and the gender issue at Olympics. This is the most satanic time of our life. Trust God, hold the line and in the end God wins!

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