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History Rebuilt Post 28 - Stage Is Set (Puzzle Pieces)

Well, we have set the stage identifying all the players. From History Rebuilt Post 1 through Post 27 we have provided information from world history that sets the stage for the development of the United States of America.

We will now take all these pieces and weave the rug of what made the United States and, most likely for the first time, identify the hidden pieces of the puzzle we were never taught in school. In fact, in some of the history posts we have already provided were never taught in history classes or the pulpit.

It is our hope that from this point forward that we all can see that what was put into motion then is exactly where we are today. Our issues, as individuals, is we were never taught anything more than what the end game of their agenda was. We never could identify an agenda in the first place because it was implemented with such precision and effectiveness that we could not see it, even though it was being done right in front of our eyes.

The deception of how all this was done should be clear as we progress through history from this point forward. We will identify the deception used as we go through periods of history and tie them to things currently. So, hopefully, when we are completed everyone will know the truth about our country.

There are many twists and turns. There are many things that may or may not shock the hell out of us. In any case, we need to know the truth and that is what we hope to accomplish.

Now in the upcoming days, weeks, months and year we will have disclosed a lot of current information to us that could close some pieces of the puzzle for you. As stated in previous posts, we will work through those in closeness with history so we can see how we got here. This is important because in the future we need to have our eyes opened, our ears listening and our minds understanding what is happening all around us. We never want to come to this place again for all generations to come.

Our complete history is about good and evil. It is exactly how it has been laid out in scripture and as we move through history from this point forward we will also tie much of the events to scripture as we have identified the connection.

We hope all of us enjoy the ride.

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