History Rebuilt Part 19 - The Power Structure Begins (The Khazarians Plan)

As part of the nobility that left Khazari was the Rothschild family. They settled in Germany. OK let's stop here. Interesting enough that the take over of the world started in Germany. We will get into this more in our discussion of the United States history but put a place mark here wee will continue to come back to this point in history.

The Rothschilds begin to perform trade and financing and grew they wealth enormously. They called the southern part of Germany where they homesteaded Askenaz. It was at this very point in history that the Rothschilds banking scheme took hold. They convinced travelers to deposit their gold and silver into their banks giving them in exchange a bank note for their deposit. Did you get that BANK NOTE. They used the deposits, because they gave out bank notes and not held as deposits, to grow their wealth,. With bank notes they took ownership and with deposit accounts they could not. It all starts here.

The Rothschilds leverage the gold and silver and with the interest earned they created for themselves wealth and because of the issuance of bank notes they did not have to share any interest with those that deposited their gold and silver.Through their wealth came the power.

Meyer Amschel Rothschild had five sons that became very powerful bankers in the Rothschild family scheme of banks. The banks that his five sons were assigned to were Frankfurt, London, Naples, Vienna and Paris. It only took a few years for the Rothschild family to be the largest banking conglomerate throughout Europe. It was Meyer Rothschild who shortly thereafter stated that he did not care who was in the leadership of any country that when you control the money your own the country. It was at this same time that the Rothschild became the treasurers of the Vatican.

OK let's stop here a moment. You should now put a book mark here because it was this function that the Power Structure really took shape. We have spoken about the history of the Jesuits in earlier posts. But in the 1800's the crossroad of Rothschild's and Knights Templar later to become the Jesuits take place. In the middle ages in Jerusalem a group was formed called the Sovereign Order of Malta. This order had two parts. One was a benevolent side with the other being a military side. The military side we know as the Knights Templar.