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History Rebuilt Part 18 - The Power Structure Begins (The Khazarians)

It is, one of Noah's sons, Japheth that provided a descendant through his son Gomer, through Gomer son Askenaz, and through Askenaz son Khazar that created the Khazarian Mafia (the Cabal) that teamed with the Phoenicians to create Bloodline of Papal.

Let's look at some history.

We know today that the country of Ukraine and parts of Southern Russia make up the historical territory established as Khazaria. As you see the names of today's environment you should put the DOTS together from history to see just how the Luciferian religion movement through time into today's society. Wonder why the Ukraine was used by the United States cabal as a center of its activities?

The Khazarians worshiped BAAL. The people were ruthless. Their country was in the center of what was called the silk road. Merchants had to travel right through their lands to move product to the west. Khazarians are known for not only killing people who traveled through stealing all their goods and wealth but taking on their identity to further their scheme of deceit.

Khazarians made a pact with BAAL and Moloch to provide child sacrifice in exchange for wealth and power. What do we have in our society today? This is the same Faustian effect that Bards of War spoke about in Faustian Bargain Boomerang Podcast.

The child sacrifice, drinking of children blood and eating the children dead bodies (cannibalism) was despised by the neighboring countries. In doing this ritual, it gave them incredible power and energy and eternal youth not by God but by Satan himself.

The Russian leadership knew that the growing unrest about the Khazarian religious rituals had to be dealt with. Remember we said that the 6th century was a turning point in history. It was at this same period of time the Russian ruler warned the Khazarian's King Bulan that their Luciferian practices had to end. The Russian ruler required that the Khazarians had to cover their religion to either Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Bulan chose Judaism.

However, this conversion was a facade. What Bulan did was take from the Judaism religion pieces and applied them to their religion of BAAL and Moloch to outwardly appear to be converted while maintaining their true Luciferian religion. Nothing really changed. People from the outside were told they had converted and the Khazarians began calling themselves Judains. Please remember the name "Jew" didn't come about until the 18th century.

In 965AD the Russian ruler felt again that the Khazarians had gone to far in their religious practices that he decided to destroy them from the face of the earth. But the Khazarians had spies all over the place and was warned early before the soldiers arrived in Kieva. The Khazarian King fled the country with his 25 wives and many concubines, all of the nobility and all the Khazarian wealth. The traveled west into Germany and Spain and everywhere they went they left some of their nobility behind. I wander why. We have seen it play out today. As they replanted their nobility throughout Europe they identified themselves by a particular name - Askenaz Judains. This was to 1) disguise who they really were and what they really worshiped and 2) it gave them a naming convention that over time people would understand they were connected when used. This allowed the Judains they met to understand they were connected to the heritage of Noah.

History has identified that two of Noah's grandson's were arch enemies. Askenaz and Togarma. Why is this important? It is important because it is at this point in history that things move in our direction today. It was all by design.

It was in a very short time period that the Askenaz's lending in the many territories, build tremendous wealth and became very powerful. We need to remember this group of people were the noble bloodline of the families from Sumer to Babylonia.

This group of people sought revenge against Russia for their crusade to rid them in their homeland and had the startup capital (WEALTH) to complete that task. This not only focused on Russia but the Jews in the original land of Judea. This land was the same land that King David had ruled over with later King Solomon. The issue with the Jews goes all the way back to Princess Jezebel. Remember that name? The issue with Jezebel is that the Israelite's chose YHWH over BAAL. You remember the story. of Elijah. I bet you thought of it as a myth or just ancient history. Well it is history all right and in front of us today because this war continues today. At this point in history that was the Jews death threat.

It was just a few years after the Askenaz's settled in Europe that they developed a master plan so evil it still exists today. This plan would change the fate of the entire world from that point in time to forever. WOW! Just what was the plan?

Here is where many of you will bring all this together. You see one of the Khazarian families was none other than Rothschild.

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