Group Educational Courses

We have built out the technology now to allow for group education. This allows fro small group education as a in-home small group or a class small group. We have also developed for large group as well. This is a major accomplishment for GIG team in that we can deliver for major venue education. This will allow large class room setting and church groups. The technology will use the online class delivery tied to the delivery through systems linked at the location of the education.

This allows us to now work side-by-side with major initiatives such as the county-by-county process at BardsFM.

More will come about how to register small and large groups and pricing soon!

This is a great accomplishment because it will allow us to roll out the other focused education using the same technology.

We ask those of your who are looking fro group education to give us a shout so we can prepare for this rollout.

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