I wanted to get further down the road on the rebuilding of history before we started these types of educational posts. But things took to much of our time so I will be paralleling things now. Doesn't keep things in some sequential order but you guys will have to scroll up and down the blogs to continue your historical education as well as keep up with current events.

The predicate was set at he time of the Colonies as to what would occur now. We will push through the colonial American history to give you this understanding. But you will need to watch as States now begin the seceding process.

Texas will vote 1-12-21 and it appears they have the votes to make this happen. This will continue through other states leaving those states remaining int eh current USA those that are the far left liberal states.

This will cause major problems and as a result a fury of conflicts. Conflicts that could lead to civil war. Now this will look much different than what happened in the actual civil war but the process taken by the colonies in history is repeating themselves.

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