GIG Website Changes and Education Plans

Within the very near future we will only posting our rebuilding of history in the associated area within our subscription forums. It was intention from the beginning to create educational materials around each book focus as they were published. We have now have the first three books published in our GIG series and two in Our Spiritual War Series.

We are in the process of completing two more books. The final GIG book The Keys of the Kingdom and the second book in the Our Spiritual War Series.

In addition, we have developed an online education center now that individuals and soon groups can purchase courses that are delivered online for them at their leisure. The first of such education is the God's Governmental Authority Structure. This course can be done as a stand alone course focusing on the Fundamentals of Government or in a series that adds to this focus a Citizenship course and then ending with a Civic Government course. These three are focused on the totality of government in God's perspective. The Citizenship course should be available around mid-March.

In order to move into the direction we originally intended all of the education we have been providing through our blogs up to this point will be moved into the subscription forum. In addition, we have developed a home school delivery God's Governmental Authority Structure.

Please go to the Education Plans and select the plan right for you to continue with us on this educational journey.

We are moving quickly into a full portfolio of educational materials to bring us true history about our planet earth and the United States along with a comprehensive study on God's Government.

We look forward to continuing to bring you all these educational products.

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