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GIG Thursday Night Live

Thursday Night Lives will occur each and every Thursday from 6PM to 8PM CST. These lives will be like a fire side chat but educational. We will cover topics that pertain to each of the five memberships. We have laid these out to cover one subject or topic per month for each membership. ​ Registration will be required for each Live. The Live will be free to membership which the topic is being covered. For instance, if we select a finance or geopolitical topic which is the theme of the Contribution Membership then it will be free for all membership since all memberships have access to that forum. If we select a history topic then membership to the History Membership will be free. Anyone else wanting to attend who is not a member of the membership which the topic is being discussed will have to pay a small fee of $25.00 to attend. ​ All Lives will be recorded and put into a Thursday Night Live Library and published to the appropriate memberships that can be access at any time in the future free of charge for your viewing. ​ We think this will add a unique feature to the overall educational process and can bring an interactive nature to those who wish to attend. ​ If you wish to look at the topic of subject and date please go to EVENTS. ​ Look forward to making your educational experience fun and enjoyable!

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